Credit Enrollment in HEPC Institutions
Fall Headcount
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YR:	2013 
System HC:	67,003 YR:	2014 
System HC:	65,756 YR:	2015 
System HC:	65,286 YR:	2017 
System HC:	65,063 YR:	2016 
System HC:	64,894
Plot of Headcount by YR
Year:	2017 
% Change:	0.26% Year:	2016 
% Change:	(0.60%) Year:	2015 
% Change:	(0.71%) Year:	2014 
% Change:	(1.86%)
Bar chart of Yr

System Enrollment by Selected Characteristics   Enrollment by Institution Bluefield State College West Liberty University Concord University West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine Fairmont State University West Virginia State University Glenville State College West Virginia University Marshall University West Virginia University Institute of Technology Potomac State College of West Virginia University Shepherd University